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There are many reasons why cycling is a great sport to take up as a recreational activity, but we think that the most important reason is that it welcomes everybody from different walks of life.

Cycling gives you an excellent opportunity to better your health...

Appreciate nature and your surroundings, find a convenient mode of transportation, and connect with new friends! Aside from a wide range of news and insights on cycling, this website shares our passion for cycling, and hopefully, you discover what there is to love about this activity. Learn from us here and find a new way to bond with friends and family!

The General Benefits of Cycling

There are multitudes of benefits to riding a bike; here’s a quick list:


Cycling is a low-impact activity for those with joint issues, making this accessible to older or differently-abled individuals. Pedaling is also a form of cardio and can help improve your strength, navigation, and flexibility.


Cycling is a sustainable form of transportation because it doesn’t use fossil fuels and hence does not produce gas emissions like cards and other engines. The smaller space bicycles take up also helps reduce heavy traffic congestion and the need for large parking spaces. This can offer institutions to focus on more essential infrastructures like housing and health centers.


Cycling is an activity that brings people together. Aside from being a family activity, cycling can also help you connect with other cyclists to create a sustainable community.

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Cycling: Good for the Environment

We have been told time and time again that humanity should lessen our carbon footprint. Well then, why not start by driving your car less? It’s an easy and fun way to help the environment for many reasons !

Cycling Involves No Harmful Chemicals

Bicycles do not use diesel. This makes it an affordable activity and also lessens our use of fossil fuels. And aside from fuel, bicycles do not use refrigerants for air conditioning. If anything, the only oil you need for cycling is grease maintenance to keep your gears turning. And this is a monthly maintenance activity!

Cycling Involves No Harmful Chemicals

And since bicycles do not use fuel, they do not produce carbon monoxide smoke emissions. Annually, bicycle use reduces the amount of carbon in the air by six to fourteen tons.

Cycling Involves No Harmful Chemicals

Cities focused on cars as the best mode of transport logically need more roads since vehicles are larger, heavier, and cost more to take on the road. This can drain the government’s budget, and the expense of producing roads also drains and pollute waterways. More bicycles encourage more bike lanes and paths to be developed or renovated, and cycling is better for the environment overall.

Riding a Bike Produce no Noise Pollution

Access to clean air is vital in a technologically advancing world. But this goes the same for noise pollution. Automobiles are made of sizable mechanical machine engines that create a lot of noise. The only noise you might hear from a bike is a bell or a horn and the occasional gear shift.

Cycling is a Great Way to Save Money

Cycling helps you become more financially responsible by understanding what goes into your mode of transport. Bicycles are low-maintenance and low-cost, only needing to be cleaned every few weeks and not needing any fossil fuels. The machinery is also much easier to understand than cars or motorbikes.

Get Involved ! Join us here and find your local bicycle shop to begin this journey with cycling!